Stars of Apple TV+’s ‘Pachinko’ Discuss Bringing the Novel To Life

Apple TV+ new series Pachinko premieres this week, and we could not be more excited. Based on the bestselling novel by Min Jin Lee, Pachinko chronicles the struggles and successes of four generations of a Korean immigrant family living in Japan.

Told through the eyes of Sunja (Yu-na Jeon as a child, Minha Kim as an adult, and Yuh-jung Youn as an elder), with some stories surrounding the important people in her life, Pachinko jumps between dual timelines to reflect the parallels from one generation to another. Jin Ha plays Sunja’s grandson Solomon, a third-generation Korean Japanese businessman living in America who must return to Japan to close some business deals. He meets Naomi (Anna Sawai), who is his rival at the firm, and must figure out his place in the company and back in Japan.

The Nerds of Color got to chat with showrunner Soo Hugh, Minha Kim, Jin Ha, and Anna Sawai about the series and the underlying themes that make the story so rich. We got down to the generational burden and guilt that the series touches on and things got deep.

Check it out below: