Damion Poitier on Returning to ‘The Flash’

Goldface and Amunet are a criminal pair bringing constant headaches to Central City and Team Flash. Whether they’re together or separate, they each pose a formidable criminal force. Damion Poitier (whose credits include the original Thanos in The Avengers), plays Goldface, always chewing up the scenery every chance he gets to appear on the show, such as in last week’s episode “Lockdown.”

We at The Nerds of Color were able to speak with Poitier on his role as Keith/Goldface last week. We discussed what it’s like shooting on the show, what he enjoys about playing Goldface, his dynamic with the other actors, and much more.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

The Nerds of Color: So what was it like coming back to The Flash as the main villain for this episode?

Poitier: It was a great time for the crew, and they’re one of the best casts. They’re so welcoming and warm and just especially after being away for so long and during the pandemic, I wasn’t doing much, so coming into being in this episode after that amount of time, having a very, very warm reception from everybody up there made it a lot easier to get myself in the right space.

How was it filming during the pandemic? What were the measures taken?

They were doing full, full security, we weren’t close in between tapes. There was separation, lots of testing per six feet. And it’s funny because the set is a microcosm with departments anyway. So, this just made it a little more separated. But as long as you’re masking up, it was very, very comfortable for as uncomfortable as the situation was. If that makes any sense.

The Flash has so many special effects that go into it. But it’s great to get that physicality as well. So I suppose like, that’s my next question. What was it like filming those sorts of fight scenes with Grant and other people in the cast?

The Flash — “Lockdown” — Pictured: Grant Gustin as The Flash — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — (C) 2022 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

It was fun. I come from a very physical background. So all the fake stuff is always a throwback. I mean, it’s very comfortable and easy for me to do those things. So and we have such a rapport that we’re all comfortable together, so it’s a good time, with the stunt guy who took the hard hit on that one. So really all I had to do was putting the chain around that guy.

Now he’s taking on some more of the reins, and he’s the main villain. So what’s it like getting in the zone for this kind of villain for this episode?

This one was fun because there was a lot. There were a lot of spaces to go and places to play and things like that. So I got to realize Goldface in a fully relaxed way that I hadn’t been able to do before. His relationship with me is good. He’s very secure in what he’s doing. He’s got a plan. He knows all the angles. He’s planned for almost everything. And he’s executing it. So this one was, was quite fun to get into and find the space of, and then we’ll just figure out where we were where he was going.

It also seems that he has kind of a romance going on with Amunet when before they were rivals, even though she doesn’t appear in this episode. I’m curious about what the experience has been like working with Katee Sackoff.

She was awesome. She’s such a professional. She’s so just she was very, very welcoming. We just played we just had a blast and she was just, like, just amazing to work with. Like, when you work with somebody who’s got that kind of geek credit, you’re a geek yourself. It can be like, what else is gonna work? And then when you’re like, we’ve never met each other and that we’re going to get in a romantic situation. There could be a level of awkwardness to it, but we had no trouble. She was very welcoming. We got it done. Everybody was happy. Nobody was uncomfortable at any point in time. It was just great. It was a wonderful working experience working with her and she’s definitely missed it.

Do you think that we may see Goldface again with Amunet or him on his own later this season or the next one?

I mean, he was captured at the end of the first time he saw and he was captured again. He does not expire at the end of this episode! So anything can happen.

Yeah, exactly. Anything can happen on The Flash. Another question I have is, more broadly speaking, how is it working with Grant Gustin and Carmen Moore on the show?

They’re awesome. Grant is so much fun to work with. He’s one of the best number ones, but he’s such a humble and giving performer. He’s just there for you. I have a pretty good rapport with him. So there were just a lot of moments, especially in-between, where we were just able to just kind of relax and connect and make our scenes that much more connected and good because we had that nice rapport that was not just a part of the performance but also a part of a natural back and forth. That was really common. I had just met Carmen and she was awesome. Once again, I love that cast. We were chilled out we were talking. When I perform with someone, the more comfortable I am with you the further I can push it. So one of the things I’d like to do, it’s kind of tricky in this business to get as comfortable as possible with the person as quickly as possible so that you feel comfortable and make those things happen. So being the professionals they are they were able to give me enough time to get my comfort level, given the performance I wanted to give, and at the same time, get all the stuff that they need to get done. So it was I loved it. I love both of them.

You can watch The Flash Season 8 Episode 7, “Lockdown,” streaming now on The CW.