‘Moonshot’ Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect to Be Enjoyable

Moonshot is the kind of rom-com that leaves you well-fed when it comes to cheesy goodness. It’s not perfect. Let’s clear that up, first and foremost. And I don’t expect perfection when it comes to rom-coms or for things to make sense. (The space fan in me was like, “That doesn’t make sense” every five minutes.)

What I do expect is for a rom-com to hit specific beats that make it known to the world that this movie will a.) be filled with cheesy moments, b.) have heart, and c.) have a guaranteed happy ending. And Moonshot has all three of these qualities in spades. That’s why you should watch it.

But that’s not all. 

At the top of my list as to why you should be watching Moonshot, is the leads and the chemistry they have. Lana Condor and Cole Sprouse are what guides this movie. They bring the laughs, the friendship, and the love. And before the movie is even half way done, you’re shipping Sophie and Walt because there is something brewing between them that is grounded in the chemistry these two actors have. It was evident in the trailer for Moonshot and it’s a shining beacon of cheesy goodness when you actually watch the movie. 

You should watch Moonshot because it’s about figuring out what you want for your life. None of us have it all figured out. But we try, day after day, to find what this all means. And I found that in Sophie and Walt, they’re trying to do the same thing. Like the rest of us, they’re people trying to understand what this whole “life” thing is about. And throughout the movie, they go on a journey together that gives them the kind of clarity anyone would want about what they want from life and the kind of partner they want to share that life with.

You should also watch Moonshot because it’s about the expectations we have of ourselves. Too often we think that we’re supposed to go to college, write that thesis, have 2.5 kids, have a big home, and then watch our kids repeat the cycle. But that’s not everyone’s destiny and it doesn’t have to be yours. You can see that in the way that Sophie chooses herself and the dream she had as a kid. And you can see that in the way that Walt realizes that there is no roadmap to life and if there’s anything that he wants to do, it’s to have an adventure with Sophie, wherever she may go.

And finally, you should definitely watch Moonshot for the family aspect of it all. I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t expect to cry in this movie, and yet I did. That is all thanks to Condor and the way that she threw herself into this character. She was the heart of the movie and her journey to accepting that she will always be loved by her found family, no matter what happens between her and her boyfriend, means so much. Family is not defined by blood or some sort of romantic relationship. Some can be bonds that we choose. And there’s power in that choice. 

Moonshot is now available on HBO Max.