Peter Billingsley Discusses ‘A Christmas Story Christmas’

Peter Billingsley is reprising his iconic role of Ralphie Parker in A Christmas Story Christmas, which he also produced and co-wrote. The family comedy is a follow-up to holiday favorite, A Christmas Story, and will debut November 17 on HBO Max.

Yana Blajeva / 2022 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

This time, Ralphie is all grown up and must deal with Christmas and all that comes with it… as a dad. Peter Billingsley returns to the role that has made kids of all ages anticipate Christmas morning like no other.

The actor has produced films such as the first Iron Man, The Break-Up, as well as Four Christmases. He directed Couples Retreat and serves as executive producer of the Netflix series, F is For Family. Billingsley began his acting career at the age of three and became a pop culture icon when he played Ralphie in A Christmas Story. Today, he runs Wild West Productions with Vince Vaughn. Additionally, he has been nominated for three Emmys and a Tony Award.

Yana Blajeva / 2022 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

We spoke about why this was the right time to continue the beloved story, seeing the movie passed down through generations as a holiday tradition, and having the original cast back!

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