‘Boston Strangler’ Trailer and Key Art Revealed

True crime is in — and the stories reported by those journalists covering it is also in! The Boston Strangler was a name given to a murderer of 13 women in Boston, Massachusetts in the 1960s. The film follows Loretta McLaughlin (Keira Knightley), a reporter for the Record-American newspaper, who becomes the first journalist to connect the Boston Strangler murders.

As the mysterious killer claims more and more victims, Loretta attempts to continue her investigation alongside colleague and confidante Jean Cole (Carrie Coon), yet the duo finds themselves stymied by the rampant sexism of the era. Nevertheless, McLaughlin and Cole bravely pursue the story at great personal risk, putting their own lives on the line in their quest to uncover the truth.  

The trailer and key art to the film has been released — as well as a trailer for the true-crime companion podcast for the film. The three-part narrative series premieres on Wednesday, March 1 — serving as the first collaboration between ABC Audio and 20th Century Studios. Award-winning journalist and author Dick Lehr hosts the show, which includes information from the ABC News archives and interviews with relatives involved in the case. Truth and Lies: The Boston Strangler is available through all major listening platforms, including Apple PodcastsSpotifyAmazon MusicGoogle PodcastsiHeartRadioPandora, SiriusXM, StitcherTuneInAudacy, and the ABC News app.

Written and directed by Matt Ruskin, Boston Strangler premieres on Hulu on March 17.

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