Jay Ellis, Josh Gad, and Zazie Beetz Talk ‘History of the World, Part II’

Jay Ellis, Josh Gad, and Zazie Beetz are taking viewers through different periods of human history in History of the World, Part II. The series serves as a sequel to the Mel Brooks film, History of the World, Part I. All episodes are currently streaming on Hulu.

Aaron Epstein/Hulu

“So many of us have probably passed each other in rooms or met each other, worked together, not worked together, whatever it is, but to be a part of something like this and to just kind of get to be surprised when someone that you love comes up on screen and you just get to watch them in this space just playing in this tone and in this world, I think that is one of the things that makes a viewing experience like this so fun,” Ellis explained. “We all get to experience each other’s skits for the first time.”

“It was all really good,” Beetz told me when asked about the experience. “Honestly, Jay, when we were doing our montage date moment, the part when we were eating the sand apples or whatever, that was kind of like, got a little chaotic, but I really enjoyed that. It was just silly.”

“Nobody gets to do this type of comedy anymore. So, it was like just going to a candy store and getting to pick out all of your favorite candies that you thought were out of stock, like that they don’t make anymore,” Gad expressed. “Then you suddenly are like, ‘Oh my God, they still make these?!’ So it was just one of those things where you pinch yourself because you’re getting to do a sequel to History of the World, Part I that a 96-year-old Mel Brooks is involved with, and then from there, it’s just like the rest, as they say, is history.”


I spoke with the trio about which sketches they were most excited to watch, their favorite filming memories, which period in time they would like to travel back to, and more!

Watch my full interview below: