The Middle Geeks Episode 52: Senzel Ahmady on Playing Princess Jasmine in ‘Aladdin’

We welcome Afghan-Filipina-American actress Senzel Ahmady on the podcast, and discuss her taking on the iconic role of Princess Jasmine in the touring Aladdin musical!

Senzel Ahmady has made history as the first actress of SWANA/MENA descent to play Princess Jasmine in a major Aladdin production in North America, starring in the tour of the acclaimed musical. In our wide ranging conversation, we discuss Senzel’s upbringing and Afghan and Filipina background, her foray into musical theater, why she finds Jasmine so enduring as a role model for SWANASA people, the experience of fasting and breaking fast for Ramadan and while on tour and performing, and much more. We have royalty with us on the podcast!

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