The Middle Geeks Episode 53: ‘Polite Society’ Review with Roxana Hadadi

We welcome Rocky back on the podcast to review Nida Manzoor’s Desi martial arts-comedy-epic, Polite Society! We also discuss the harrowing news out of Sudan, a new African animation anthology that includes Egypt and Egyptian creators, give our recommendations for the week, and much more!

Rocky joins us once again to discuss Nida Manzoor’s debut feature film, Polite Society. What did we love about this film and Nida’s creative vision? How did Priya Kansara and Ritu Arya do so well at conveying this vision and the Khan sisters’ love for one another? How did the action and dance sequences propel the plot? Just how outright hilarious was Polite Society? We discuss all that and more about the film, which you should go see in theaters now!

SPOILERS for Polite Society from 27:20-1:00:37

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