NBC’s ‘The Irrational’ Exclusive Clip: Alec and Rose Go on a Date

NBC’s The Irrational finally has Alec (Jesse L. Martin) and Rose (Karen David) going on a date. The flirtatious banter between the two the last few episodes hinted of a potential romance, but now with Episode 7: ‘The Real Deal,’ Alec and Rose take the plunge for a dinner date.

Unfortunately – or maybe, fortunately, their date turns into a 24-hour excursion when they find themselves taking an investigation involving a forged masterpiece. Meanwhile, Marisa (Maahra Hill) and Kylie (Travina Springer) attempt to revive their friendship, which has faltered since Alec and Marisa’s divorce.

THE IRRATIONAL — “The Real Deal” Episode 107 — Pictured: (l-r) Jesse L. Martin as Alec Mercer, Karen David as Rose Dinshaw — (Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/NBC)

In the exclusive clip, provided by NBC, we see Alec and Rose getting to know each other on their first date. Rose was a former MI6 agent whose cover was blown by a member of Parliament and now is working as an expert on corporate security and crisis management. Alec, who knows a thing or two about life changing experiences, is quickly charmed by the stunning Brit. But, like all cases, duty calls. She gets a call from a client, but instead of leaving her date. She turns to Alec and asks, “you in?” He responds, “Let our date begin.”

There is no denying there is chemistry between the two. Could this be the start of a beautiful partnership? Or a competitive one?

David, who has appeared on AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead, NBC’s Galavant, and HBO’s Barry, is no stranger to playing alluring characters. She also played a detective on ABC’s The Rookie. Not only does she act, but she also sings. Hopefully, this new relationship between Alec and Rose works out. If we could get Martin and David to have a date at a karaoke place, even better!

The Irrational airs on Monday at 10pm on NBC. The episode will be available to stream on Peacock the next day.

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