Official Trailer Debuts for the Second Season of Amazon’s ‘Modern Love’

Last year, Amazon debuted its groundbreaking anthology series, Modern Love to solid reviews and an enthusiastic fanbase. I’m happy to report that the acclaimed series is coming back for another season, and this time it’s bringing some heavy acting talent with players like Dominique Fishback and Gbenga Akinnagbe, along with Zoe Chao, Kit Harrington, Anna Paquin, and a host of others!

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X-Men and the Oscars of Future Past

A while back, I shared a couple of lists I curated of DC superheroes and their Academy Awards. It’s a hobby I picked up a bunch of years ago because I’m as much of an Oscars junkie as I am a superhero movie one. I hinted that I would tackle a similar list featuring the actors of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but instead, I decided to take on the Oscar winners and nominees from that other multi-movie Marvel megafranchise: the X-Men.

Part of the reason is because X-Men: Days of Future Past just shattered a ton of Memorial Day box office numbers on its way to a $111 million opening. Also, with seven movies spanning fourteen years under its belt, the X-Men franchise is just as deep as the Batman and Superman oeuvres, though the mutants have far less noms and wins than DC’s big two.

Some more stray observations after the jump.

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