X-Men and the Oscars of Future Past

A while back, I shared a couple of lists I curated of DC superheroes and their Academy Awards. It’s a hobby I picked up a bunch of years ago because I’m as much of an Oscars junkie as I am a superhero movie one. I hinted that I would tackle a similar list featuring the actors of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but instead, I decided to take on the Oscar winners and nominees from that other multi-movie Marvel megafranchise: the X-Men.

Part of the reason is because X-Men: Days of Future Past just shattered a ton of Memorial Day box office numbers on its way to a $111 million opening. Also, with seven movies spanning fourteen years under its belt, the X-Men franchise is just as deep as the Batman and Superman oeuvres, though the mutants have far less noms and wins than DC’s big two.

Some more stray observations after the jump.

xmenoscarLike I said, the X-Men alums are a little less accomplished than their DC counterparts. There are only 12 noms and wins total across all actors. Jennifer Lawrence is the franchise’s leader with two noms and a win (for Silver Linings Playbook in 2013). To compare, Jack Nicholson (who played the Joker in 1989’s Batman) has 12 noms and wins by himself.

Part of this has to do with the age of the actors involved. Ian McKellen is the oldest X-actor on the list, though he only has two nominations for his entire, illustrious career. (Fellow thesp — and McKellen BFF — Patrick Stewart has zero). Most of the actors on this list are barely 40 years old.

But at least they have each other!

That said, the X-Men have their fair share of holes-in-one. Anna Paquin (Rogue) is 1-for-1 having won the Oscar for The Piano on her first try. Similarly, Halle Berry is undefeated having won a Best Actress statuette for her only nomination when she took home gold for Monster’s Ball. Speaking of one-and-done, there are quite a few X-Men who have only one Oscar nomination: Hugh Jackman, Michael Fassbender, Ellen Page, and Bruce Davison (Senator Kelly), to name four.

Anyway, if you’re interested and wanna see the list, check it out here. Maybe I’ll get to that Marvel Cinematic Universe one someday.

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