Bringing ‘Annabelle’ Home with Director Gary Dauberman

It’s been a long journey for America’s favorite possessed doll, but after 6 years and 5 movies, Annabelle is finally coming home, courtesy of director Gary Dauberman. While the rise and creation of The Conjuring universe has been rightfully attributed to mastermind, James Wan, arguably Dauberman’s work has had just as great an impact on this franchise. Dauberman’s first script in this universe was the first Annabelle, and he’s stayed with the franchise ever since, penning Annabelle: CreationThe Nun, and now Annabelle Comes Home.

However unlike his previous experiences, it’s now his turn to take the reins, as Annabelle Comes Home serves as Dauberman’s directorial debut.  In honor of the highly anticipated horror sequel’s release this week, the Nerds of Color had a chance to sit with Dauberman, and discuss the process of directing, conjuring up scares, and the notion of sisterhood within the horror genre. Here’s what he had to say:

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Photos from the ‘Annabelle Comes Home’ Artifact Tour Truck

The Conjuring creep show is coming to your town with a new immersive touring experience: The Annabelle Comes Home Artifact Tour Truck experience!

Starting in LA and working its way down to Las Vegas before hitting Phoenix, San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas, the haunted caravan of horrors simulates the Warrens’ Artifact Room from the hit Conjuring Universe films, ending with a terrifying encounter with the creepy doll herself, Annabelle!

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