Let’s Talk About Toni Topaz on The CW’s ‘Riverdale’

Fans found themselves instantly falling in love with and wanting more from Vanessa Morgan’s portrayal of Toni Topaz as soon as she came onto our screens on Riverdale. Toni was first introduced in season 2, episode 3 “Chapter Sixteen: The Watcher in the Woods,” and became a series regular in season 3. Her portrayal provides representation as one of the only Black series regulars currently on Riverdale as well as her character being openly bisexual. So let’s take a look back at her journey and what we hope to see for the character going forward.

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The CW Announces Fall Premiere Date for ‘Riverdale’ Season 6

The CW has just revealed its premiere dates for the Fall 2021 primetime schedule! It was announced back in May that Riverdale would be moving to a new night in The CW’s schedule after season 5 finishes, which will continue airing on Wednesday, August 11. For its sixth season, the show will now share Tuesday nights with The Flash. Both shows will begin their new seasons with five episode special events on Tuesday, November 16. Riverdale‘s timeslot will be 9 – 10 PM ET/PT, after new episodes of The Flash.

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The Pussycats are Officially Making Their Return to ‘Riverdale’

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, the creator of the hit CW series, shared the news on Instagram, thrilling fans who have greatly missed the talented trio. Ashleigh Murray (Josie), Hayley Law (Valerie), and Asha Bromfield (Melody) will make their return to Riverdale in episode 5×15.

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We Have to Wait Until August for More ‘Riverdale’

Sorry, Riverdale fans, we’re gonna have to wait a little longer until our favorite Archie Comics characters are back on our screens. The series’ official Twitter account shared that new episodes will return on Wednesday, August 11.

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Veronica Lodge on The CW’s ‘Riverdale’ Deserves Better

Everyone has that one character they relate to or see themselves in; everyone searches to find someone who looks like them on screen. For me, that character is Veronica Lodge on The CW’s Riverdale, which is based on the Archie Comics characters. Despite the fact that she has had one of the most important evolutions on the show and has been there since the pilot, she is often overlooked and over hated, for no real reason besides Archie continuing to choose her.

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“Melton” Hearts with Charles Melton of ‘The Sun is Also a Star’

What two things do the sun and Charles Melton have in common? They both melt things (the sun melts ice cream, Melton melts teenage hearts), and they’re both stars, since according to this film, The Sun is Also a Star!

The film, based on the best selling book by Nicola Yoon, chronicles a single day between a top-student Korean American poet, named Daniel Bae (Melton), and a spirited African American social justice warrior Natasha Kingsley (Yara Shadidi of Black-ish and Grown-ish fame), who cross paths just one day before Natasha’s family is scheduled to be deported to Jamaica

Corny dad jokes aside, recently The Nerds of Color had the fortunate opportunity to speak with Melton about The Sun is Also a Star, the chemistry between him and his co-star Shahidi, and even got a mini-scoop about his role in Bad Boys For Life. Here’s what he had to say:

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We Need to Talk About Chuck Clayton on Riverdale

Originally posted on Just Add Color

Chuck Clayton has gone down as the first character Riverdale’s penchant for reinvention has revamped in the worst way possible. This is not the way for the show to enter its first Black History Month.

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The CW’s Riverdale Brings Some Diversity to Archie’s World

Before The CW was known as comic book superhero central, the network — when it was still The WB — had the reputation for the place to be for melodramatic teen soaps. Remember shows like One Tree Hill, Dawson’s Creek7th Heaven, and Gilmore Girls? In 2001, the debut of Smallville led to the network’s embrace of comic book-based properties that paved the way for more genre-focused shows like Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, The 100, and the current slate of DC Comics heroes. Next fall, The CW is merging the best of both worlds with Riverdale. By adapting the classic comic book Archie, the network will return to its teen soapy roots, this time with a twist. Even better? They’re doing so with one of the most diverse casts on network TV.

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Throwback Thursday Review: Kevin Keller Miniseries

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that somehow when no one was looking, Archie became the coolest kid in the room. Forget 90 percent of the titles being churned out by the Big Two. If you’re looking for quality and progressive comics, Archie is where it’s at. Yes Archie. Yes, you read that sentence correctly. No, I am not joking. Yes, we could be in Bizarro World. Let me get back to you on that one.

I’ve read Archie comics with a twisted fascination for many years. The whole Mayberry/Stepford theme was something of a morbid fascination. A comic book full of good-nature clean wholesome fun revolving around a gang of vanilla All-American teens required far more suspension of disbelief than any story about aliens, mutants or bionic ninjas.

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Why the Bay of Turtles is Not a Failure

So, all of Nerdom is up in arms over the new Michael Bay Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. Here’s my stance: “Bring it on.” I am a comic book geek, if you cut me, I bleed four color ink. So, when Hollywood wants to make a movie that’s based on a comic book, I’m all for it.

Listen, I know this TMNT is not “your TMNT.” Heck, it’s not even the Turtles cartoon from the late 80s or the movies from the 90s. It’s not based on Eastman and Laird’s revolutionary vision of four radioactive turtles that were raised by a rat who knew martial arts. No, this is different. And that’s okay.

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Marvel vs. DC vs. Archie: Whose Zombies are Better?

Have we reached peak zombie saturation yet? I know it’s Walker Week here at The Nerds of Color, and if the ratings for the season premiere of The Walking Dead are any indication, the zombie craze is just as viral as ever — and it’s spreading. The image you see above is a zombified Jughead from Archie. And no, that’s not a fan rendering either. It’s an actual panel from one of the hottest single issues in comics today, the sold out — and on its second printingAfterlife with Archie #1. That’s right, the zombie apocalypse has come to Riverdale.

Seeing zombies overrun Archie Comics got me thinking about the zombie crossovers that infected the Big Two comic companies: DC Comics and Marvel.

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Why I Read Comics

I despise origin stories.

The beginning is the worst best time in a comic – either the material lives up to its promise, and offers something interesting and lively, or the collaboration between words and art wastes trees with hackneyed prose and sloppy pencils, and you feel cheated out of four bucks. Here’s hoping I don’t leave you feeling played.

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