X-Men X-Cess: Hazardous Placeholder

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I bought a bundle of X-Men Vol. 2 issues, 1-79, and I am going to read them all and blog about them here. And now:

X-Men #9 – The Not So Big Easy


So here we are, Fabian Nicieza writing, Art Thirbert on the pencils. And two issues out from the X-cutioner’s Song saga, this is the ultimate of placeholder issues. Charles’s childhood friend, Alexander Ryking aka Hazard, escapes out of the Ryking hospital (which is hinted at that it’s a place where they, contain? Rehabilitate? Do something to mutants), and goes on a killing spree because he’s mad angry. This sort of intertwines with some hints about Wolverine’s past, but it never really leads anywhere. So whatever. This is clearly just a placeholder of a story arc to bide time until the epic X-Cutioner’s Song. So, let’s talk about some panels.

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