Right Here, Right ‘Bao’

Oakland and the surrounding East Bay Area is a welcoming, casual town. The standard uniform of jeans and a hoodie is a ticket to pretty much anywhere: a Warriors game, a UC Berkeley lecture hall (as a student or even as the professor), a Michelin-star restaurant, R&B paint night at the Complex. The few exceptions are three-fold: the Piedmont School District, an available slice of sweet potato pie at Lois the Pie Queen after 10:00 AM, and Pixar Animation Studios.

I have lived in the East Bay for more than twelve years, and I have never gotten closer than peering through the iron gates while driving past to get my son to badminton practice. Until now.

To celebrate the upcoming in-home release of Bao and Incredibles 2, Pixar opened their gates to The Nerds of Color as well as other media outlets for dinner and interview opportunities with their creators.

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Brad Bird on the Parr Timeline and Adding Personal Touches in ‘Incredibles 2’

It’s has been 14 years since we’ve seen the Parr family come together and fight villains. For Brad Bird, he didn’t really notice the years gone by between the first film and the upcoming release of The Incredibles 2.

“I think there is a tendency nowadays to not get the soda pop,” Bird explained in an earlier press junket where the NOC attended in March. “You just want direct syrup. You just want ‘Syrup now!’ I don’t know. I think that, for me, it was not intentional. I just don’t think it wasn’t the greatest idea creatively to follow up with a successful film with its sequel. You want to take time. You want to think about it. You want to enjoy the process.”

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Video from ‘The Incredibles 2’ Press Conference

It has been 14 years since Disney Pixar released the hit animated film The Incredibles. Since then, fans have asked director Brad Bird, executive producers John Walker and Nicole Paradis Grindle, and original cast members Craig T. Nelson (Mr. Incredible), Holly Hunter (Elastigirl), Samuel L. Jackson (Frozone), and Sarah Vowell (Violet) numerous times if the sequel would even happen.

Well, it’s here.

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