EXCLUSIVE: Another ‘Ricanstruction’ Preview

After Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez unveiled the Puerto Rico benefit anthology Ricanstruction at the New York Times, we also revealed art from one of the stories written by Hamilton star Javier Muñoz. Today, I’ll be exclusively sharing art from another Ricanstruction short story. This time, it’s my own story — illustrated by artist Glenn Urieta — called “A Yellow Sky.”

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EXCLUSIVE: Preview Javier Muñoz’s Story from ‘Ricanstruction’

Earlier today, the New York Times revealed a secret project I’ve been sitting on for the last several months. I had the pleasure to serve as an Assistant Editor on Ricanstruction: Reminiscing & Rebuilding Puerto Rico, an anthology produced by La Borinqueña creator Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez. On the sixth month anniversary of Hurricane Maria, it was announced that the publication of Ricanstruction will benefit ongoing recovery efforts in Puerto Rico.

On the heels of the announcement of the book, I can reveal exclusively here on the NOC an excerpt from the story “Song of El Coquí” written by Hamilton star Javier Muñoz with art by Sabrina Cintron!

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Please Cast These Actors in a Live Action Star Wars: Rebels

This Saturday, Disney will air the third season finale of Star Wars: Rebels, and by all indications, it’s going to be awesome. I’ve said it before, but Rebels is probably my favorite entry into the Star Wars canon since Empire Strikes Back. Season three has only solidified its GOAT status as far as televised Star Wars stories go. If you don’t believe me, be sure to check out last week’s episode set on Tatooine — which only made me want a solo Obi-Wan movie even more.

In tandem with Rogue One, Star Wars: Rebels is the perfect bridge between the prequels and the Original Trilogy. And not for nothing, Rogue One, in a way, featured the first live action incarnations of our favorite members of the Ghost crew. While Chopper was the only Rebel we saw on screen, if we ever get to see the rest in the future, here are the actors I’d like to see playing them.

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