Loungefly Unveils New Disney 100 Sketchbook Collection

If you’re a fan of Disney and Loungefly, you’re in for a real treat! Last Friday, Lougefly unveiled their latest line for the Disney 100 anniversary. Celebrating the magic of animation, the set includes several Sketchbook designs, commemorating the legacy that all started with a mouse. And as an animation fan myself, I’m psyched for the new designs.

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An N.O.C. Halloween: Our Children’s Edition

Amongst my friends and family, it is no secret that the only holiday I care about is Halloween. No, it isn’t just because the candy is free and flowing — although this is a huge bonus. What I love the most about he holiday is that there is this unbridled demonstration of ingenuity, creativity, and imagination. People get to step a little outside of their mundane lives and step into the realm of the fantastic.

Another thing I love are the costumes. I don’t think I’m alone in this, especially amongst my fellow NOC. While many of us were too busy to dress up, we made sure that our children did.

I would like to present to you the NOC Parade of Costumes: Our Children’s Addition.

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