Hulu’s ‘Fire Island’ Celebrates What it Means to be Family in Exclusive Featurette

Hulu’s Fire Island has been met with warm reception for their celebration of queer romance, friendships, and found family. It’s such a joy to see a film like this surrounded by Queers of Color who get to celebrate each other. In this clip, provided by Searchlight Pictures, the cast of the film talks about their characters and their relationships with each other.

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‘The Beauty President’ is a Beauty to Behold

As I watched the Pride flag waving as the credits ran at the end of The Beauty President, I remembered growing up in the early 2000s and how I knew nothing about what that flag meant then. That 20 years later, I can see it at my city’s town hall flying next to the United States flag. Director Whitney Skauge and the film’s subject, Terrance Alan Smith, bring a beautiful historical moment in LGBTQ+ history to the forefront with an air of grace and love that I hope everyone could see. 

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Lukita Maxwell on That Shocking ‘Genera+ion’ Finale

HBO Max’s hit show Genera+ion is finally coming back this Pride month! Season 1 is finishing up its second half, starting with episode 9 today!

The NOC got to talk to some of the cast in anticipation of the second half’s premiere, including Lukita Maxwell, aka Delilah herself! Delilah had one of the most shocking and tear-jerking plotlines during the first half of the season, and I got to (virtually) sit down and talk with Lukita about it as well as what we can expect to see when the show returns.

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Nathanya Alexander on How ‘Genera+ion’ Speaks to Gen Z

The NOC is celebrating Pride month as loud as we can, and as part of that celebration, I got to sit down (virtually of course) with Nathanya Alexander, one of the stars of Genera+ion! Nathanya plays Arianna, the bold and perhaps a little too honest member of the gang. 

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