Hulu’s ‘Fire Island’ Celebrates What it Means to be Family in Exclusive Featurette

Hulu’s Fire Island has been met with warm reception for their celebration of queer romance, friendships, and found family. It’s such a joy to see a film like this surrounded by Queers of Color who get to celebrate each other. In this clip, provided by Searchlight Pictures, the cast of the film talks about their characters and their relationships with each other.

The film, which is a queer modern take on Pride & Prejudice, not only centers romantic relationships, but also real and deep friendships. Director Andrew Anh told The Nerds of Color last month, “So I read the script and was so moved by how it celebrates queer Asian American friendship. I thought what Joel [Kim Booster] did to make this film feel modern and queer and also more personal was to take this story of Pride and Prejudice and kind of shift the focus a little bit away from the romance and onto the friendship — the chosen family narrative, and that really touched me. I wanted to be part of it because I wanted to show how important friendships are to us and how important community is and who we are as people.”

In the featurette, we are introduced to Noah’s friends circle — Howie (Bowen Yang), Luke (Matt Rogers), Keegan (Tomás Matos), Max (Torian Miller), and “mother hen” Erin (Margaret Cho). They’re all so different, but so lovable and really create this beautiful dynamic in the story.

“It’s not that we’re even friends — we’re family,” says Noah (Joel Kim Booster) in the clip shown below. Though Noah, who is the Jane Bennet in this situation, does eventually find romantic love, the real message centers on his bond with Howie and the rest of his crew. It’s beautiful and a love letter to all queer friendships.

Check it out below and catch Fire Island on Hulu now: