The Cast of ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Discuss Kugelblitzes and Season 3

The Hargreeves are back! And this season of The Umbrella Academy, they have some pretty stiff competition in the form of The Sparrow Academy! You may remember at the end of Season 2, after saving the world from yet another apocalypse, the family and Number 5 teleported themselves back into the present. Only now, due to the changes they’ve made to history, it was a completely different present than the one they are used to. They created an alternate timeline! Let the expletives fly!

In celebration of the new season, debuting today, June 22, only on Netflix, we were able to sit down with the cast, including Tom Hopper, David Castaneda, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Robert Sheehan, Aidan Gallagher, Justin Min, and Ritu Arya, as well as showrunner Steve Blackman, to discuss where the psychedelic, superhero show will be headed to this season. And not to get spoilery on you, but the answer may or may not be a certain hotel. Take a look at what the cast of this spectacular series had to say here:

Make sure to catch The Umbrella Academy Season 3, only on Netflix, now streaming today!