I Know You Don’t Think A White Girl Made That Up

Say what you will about the film Bring It On, its commentary on cultural appropriation, racism, privilege, white supremacy, and the exploitation of black culture seems to be more relevant now than when the film was released 15 years ago.

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I Hate These “Blurred Lines” Too

Adam WarRock‘s latest free tune is a collabo with artist Chris Haley called “Nerrd Lines,” their ode to cosplay and cons. Set to Pharrell’s earwormy beat for “Blurred Lines,” the controversial summertime smash by Robin Thicke, WarRock and Haley’s version spawned from a summer spent at cons where hundreds of folks could be found waiting in lines circling convention centers from Connecticut to Baltimore.  All while wearing layers of spandex and plastic in 90 degree weather. Here are some sample lyrics from “Nerrd Lines”:

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