HBO Max Celebrates AAPI History Month with ‘See Us’

As a proud FilipinX / Asian American / Nerd of Color, I am often asked about my culture and upbringing and dependent on how I’m feeling that day… that situation can go many ways; BUT, for AAPI Heritage Month, I am loud and I AM PROUD. However, it must be said that this past year and a half has been a rather difficult one for our community. The ugly face that is racism became even more pronounced and we now rally under the banner of #StopAsianHate. Life has become traumatic for many of us… but for me and others I know, it only deepened our pride, because we know that WE BELONG. We have fought hard for us to be here and we will not allow the negativity to deter us. Our existence is our resistance. You are going to SEE US.

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