Jennifer Coolidge and Steve Coulter Talk ‘Shotgun Wedding’

Jennifer Coolidge is having a banner year, and it’s only January! Not only did she just win a Golden Globe for her work on The White Lotus, she is also currently starring, alongside Steve Coulter, in Shotgun Wedding, which is now streaming on Prime Video. I had the opportunity to speak with the duo about their favorite elements of the film and genre!

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Say ‘I Don’t’ to ‘Shotgun Wedding’

It’s hard to believe that rom-com royalty — Jennifer Lopez (The Wedding Planner, Maid in Manhattan) and Josh Duhamel (Life As We Know It, When in Rome) — have never made a movie together until Amazon Studio’s Shotgun Wedding. It makes sense to put these two together in a romantic movie as both are beautiful people with experience in the genre. But unlike their sappy romantic films that follow the same formula, Shotgun Wedding gets mixed in with some action and adventure with pirates, money laundering, and lots of explosions. 

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