SPX’s Black Art Matters Panel is Online

Back in September, we tried to get you all hyped for the 21st annual Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD. One of the main reasons for that excitement was the (controversially named) “Black Art Matters” panel moderated by legendary cartoonist Keith Knight and featuring artists C. Spike Trotman, Whit Taylor, Ron Wimberly, and Darryl Ayo.

If you missed out on SPX this year, you can still see the panel in its entirety after the jump since the show organizers have just posted it online.

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Are You Ready for This Year’s Small Press Expo?

In less than 24 hours, the world’s best cartoonists and indie comics makers bring their talents to the DMV (that would be the DC-Maryland-Virginia area of the country, and not, alas, where you get your drivers’ license renewed) at the 21st annual Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD.

In addition to hosting esteemed guests like Noelle Stevenson, Scott McCloud, and C. Spike Trotman (among many others), SPX is also home to the Ignatz Awards and a venue for fans of the medium to support some of the hardest working artists in all of comics. After the cut, we’re going to highlight a few of the things we’re most excited to see this weekend.

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Robin Ha’s Banchan Comics Will Make You Hungry

Last weekend, at Baltimore Comic-Con, I had the opportunity to run in to several members of the SIUniverse fam in attendance. One of the alums I visited with was artist Robin Ha, who was exhibiting in Artist Alley for the first time. Not only was it great to catch up — however briefly — but it was also an opportunity to get a print copy of Banchan in Two Pages, a pretty cool recipe comic she’s been updating on the tumblr of the same name.

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Read Yumi Sakugawa’s Ignatz-Nominated Never Forgets Online This Week

If you love comics and live in the Baltimore-Washington area, this is a big week. The ever-growing Baltimore Comic-Con just concluded one of its biggest shows ever, filling the downtown convention center with fans, cosplayers, and families looking to meet artists and have a generally good time. And this coming weekend, 45 minutes down I-95 in Bethesda, the Small Press Expo (SPX) will be celebrating its 20th anniversary.

A veritable who’s-who will be in attendance at the Marriott Bethesda, including Ignatz Award-nominated artist Yumi Sakugawa. In honor of SPX — and for a limited time, Yumi is letting you read her nominated minicomic Never Forgets online for free.

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MariNaomi Joins the Latest Hard N.O.C. Life

In a special one-on-one conversation, Keith talks to award-winning cartoonist MariNaomi about her recently launched Cartoonists of Color database and forthcoming graphic memoir Dragon’s Breath and Other True Stories from 2D Cloud and Uncivilized Books.

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My Adventures in YouTube Land

So you want to create a YouTube channel? I’m far from an expert but I hope my experience will help you get started on your own video making.

I didn’t intend on creating It’s A Draw With Natalie Kim, it just kind of happened and unfolded in a way that I couldn’t have predicted.

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