MariNaomi Joins the Latest Hard N.O.C. Life

In a special one-on-one conversation, Keith talks to award-winning cartoonist MariNaomi about her recently launched Cartoonists of Color database and forthcoming graphic memoir Dragon’s Breath and Other True Stories from 2D Cloud and Uncivilized Books.

Topics covered on the show include:

  • Why Mari decided to start the Cartoonists of Color database
  • The idea that people shouldn’t be afraid to write about experiences outside their own
  • The importance of having diversity in comics and all types of literature
  • How Mari dealt with the Asian stereotypes in the media she consumed growing up
  • Mari’s hope that the database will provide people a valuable resource of creators to inspire future cartoonists of color
  • Mari’s upcoming book tour schedule (including SPX and the Brooklyn Book Festival)
  • What led Mari to create her upcoming books Dragon’s Breath
    and Turning Japanese (which is being excerpted and previewed for free here).
  • Watch the book trailer for Dragon’s Breath below:

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