Mystery Solved: The Rock Will Be Black Adam

For a few months now, everyone’s favorite wrestler-turned-action-movie-franchise-savior Dwayne Johnson has been hinting at his involvement in the nascent DC Cinematic Universe. A few weeks ago, he all but confirmed that movie would be Shazam though he wouldn’t confirm which part he’d play. William Evans of Black Nerd Problems speculated on what it might mean if The Rock actually played the lead hero (née Captain Marvel) in that upcoming DC movie.

Well, The Rock took to twitter this morning to reveal his role, once and for all.

As William said in his original piece:

If Johnson chooses Black Adam, then DC and all the bigots are off the hook. Black Adam is of ancient Egyptian origin and Johnson actually “looks like” him. It gets a lot more interesting if he goes the other way.

Johnson playing Black Adam in a Shazam movie has been on the radar for at least a decade now. I know my friends and co-workers used to talk about him for that role as far back as 2004-5, at least. People might have forgotten, but Rocky already confirmed he’d be playing Black Adam… in 2007! Not to mention, but the whole “undecided about which character” thing is also old hat. So this casting has been ten years in the making. And Johnson’s recent blathering on social media has only upped the amount of the internet’s ongoing speculation.

On the other hand, William is absolutely correct in saying that the movie would have been way more interesting if he was playing the hero — though it’s interesting to note that Johnson’s tweet also includes the hashtag #TheAntiHero, which suggests that the film may be influenced by more modern interpretations of the character.


I’ll go on record as being really pumped for this movie, should it pan out. The pitch might irk some fanboys, but “Big with superpowers” is one of the most appealing aspects of a potential Shazam movie. It’s been in development hell for years, but with scriptwriter Darren Lemke attached — and Warner Brothers’ push to build its own cinematic superhero universe — it all but guarantees The Big Red Cheese will finally get his own film franchise. Just without the cheese. And that’s the real shame.

For as big and intimidating and badass as The Rock can be1, Dwayne Johnson can also be fairly goofy and lovable, which are all classic qualities of Captain Marvel as a character. Remember, he’s 10-year old Billy Batson in the body of a superhero, after all. It really would have been interesting to see him bring some of this charm and wit to a live action DC property.

Then again, there isn’t supposed to be any humor in a DC movie.

  1. Another thing, if The Rock is Black Adam, which actor could possibly be big enough to play Shazam? I mean, have you seen Rocky lately?  

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  1. I would have preferred he played Captain Marvel. It feels like he’s made the same choice when he did the Scorpion King. I can still hope he’ll get the role of Doc Savage in the future.

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