‘Snakehead’ to Finally Hit Theaters and Digital in October

After more than a decade in development, director Evan Jackson Leong is now ready to unveil his magnum opus, Snakehead, to the world. Starring Shuya Chang, Sung Kang, and Jade Wu, Snakehead tells the story of Sister Tse, a woman who rises through the ranks of a Chinatown crime family before having to reconcile between personal success and her family. Check out the trailer below:

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NOC Exclusive Interview: Actor, Perry Yung!

Heyyy! It’s Kuya P back again with another NOC EXCLUSIVE! I recently sat down for a conversation with Actor, Perry Yung along with some of my NRW crew, Rob TheMovieGuy & Francis Serrano to discuss Perry’s latest projects, ‘A Father’s Son’ and ‘Snakehead’ as well as his recent and past projects like ‘Boogie’, ‘The Jade Pendant’ and ‘The Knick’! Oh and of course, we totally talked about his character, Father Jun and the possibility of ‘Warrior’ Season 3!

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‘Snakehead’ Filmmakers on the Search for Sister Sze

The filmmakers behind the upcoming independent movie Snakehead — director Evan Jackson Leong (Linsanity) and producer/actor Brian Yang (Hawaii Five-0) — join the show to talk about media representation, building community through crowdfunding, and the evolution of independent Asian American film.

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