Hard NOC Life: Remembering WICOMICON One Year Later

One year ago this weekend, WICOMICON rose from the ashes of Universal FanCon and saved the day for hundreds of vendors, guests, and attendees who were making their way to Baltimore. On this episode of Hard NOC Life, Keith reunites Uraeus, one of the organizers of the event, to reminisce about what went in to pulling off a convention with one-week’s notice.

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Announcing the WICOMICON Pop-Up 2018

The Nerds of Color, Black Heroes Matter, New Release Wednesday, and theblerdgurl, in association with André Robinson of Carbon-Fibre Media and Elijah Kelley of the Be A Boss App, are pleased to announce the opening of WICOMICON 2018, a one-day pop-up convention featuring comics creators, cosplayers, artists, music, and more!

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Finn Jones Whitesplains Iron Fist to Asian Woman Then Takes Twitter Timeout

by theblerdgurl | Originally posted on Medium

Yesterday, Finn Jones, the actor playing Danny Rand on the Netflix debut of Marvel’s live action version of Iron Fist abruptly quit twitter. He wasn’t being harrassed, he wasn’t threatened, there was no controversy. In fact, to most observers, he simply seemed to be having a conversation. This raised more than a few eyebrows, especially since the show is set to debut in less than two weeks on March 17.

On Sunday night, Jones appears to have gotten into a discussion on twitter with Asyiqin Haron, a 21 year old artist from Singapore who also happens to be the creative director for Geeks of Color, (Heron’s comments are from her own personal twitter account and she was not representing GOC or tweeting from their account when she made them).

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