National Film Society Presents “Sulu’s Choice”

header_logoSeeing the results of the first round of The Nerds’ first ever Star Trek fantasy draft, it was not a surprise to see that Lt. Sulu — as portrayed by George Takei — was the Nerds’ choice to helm our virtual starship. It was mildly surprising that the contest was so close, with Takei’s Sulu squeaking out a one-vote victory in a nailbiter of a contest. What was very surprising was that the helmsman who came in second place was Lt. Tom Paris from Voyager. See, the line out of Vegas had Takei battling John Cho in a Sulu-on-Sulu deathmatch for Enterprise helmsman superiority. Preferably with fences.

The potential for a Takei/Cho faceoff brings to mind a video that Patrick and Stephen of National Film Society made back in May. In it, the guys presented several prominent Asian Americans with a Sophie’s choice: decide which actor portrayed Sulu better. The choice really isn’t that difficult, but it’s fun to see people freak out when asked the question.

PS — Were you able to spot a few NOCs in the video? And did you subscribe to their channel after you watched?

PPS — While we’re at it, we wanna wish a quick happy anniversaryto Patrick and Stephen as well! Congrats on making it to the terrible twos.

One thought on “National Film Society Presents “Sulu’s Choice”

  1. Yeah, I was a little surprised — John Cho’s Sulu received only a single vote. Where’s the John Cho love amongst the NOCs?

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