‘Long Distance’ Podcast Evolves for Season Two

Last year, we introduced you to one of the most exciting new podcasts to hit your AirPods! Long Distance is the first and only independent documentary podcast series about stories in the Filipino diaspora, and its new season will feature a companion video series, Long Distance TV, that will highlight important elements in the podcast’s stories. Both the podcast and video series will premiere on November 5.

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Download Awesome Asian Bad Guys Right Now!

Today’s the day! If you’ve wanted to watch Stephen Dypiangco and Patrick Epino — better known as the National Film Society — reunite iconic Asian bad guys from the ’80s in the action/comedy Awesome Asian Bad Guys, but couldn’t attend one of the many festival screenings, now is your chance to download the film and watch it in the comfort of your own home.

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Awesome Asian Bad Guys with Yuji Okumoto and the National Film Society

Keith (@the_real_chow) brings on Stephen (@Dypiangco) and Patrick (@PatrickEpino) of the National Film Society (@NatFilmSociety) and Yuji Okumoto (Chozen from The Karate Kid II) to talk about their latest project, the webseries Awesome Asian Bad Guys!

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Livestreaming Support for Typhoon Relief

Tonight at 11:15pm ET (8:15pm PT), our friends at National Film Society will be hosting a livestream telethon with Xylophone Films and Kid Heroes Productions to raise funds for and awareness of the victims of Super Typhoon Haiyan that claimed the lives of 10,000+ people and displaced millions more in the Philippines.

UPDATE: Check out the livestream:

More information is available at the official Facebook page for the Telethon for Philippines Typhoon Relief. And more details are after the jump.

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National Film Society Presents “Sulu’s Choice”

header_logoSeeing the results of the first round of The Nerds’ first ever Star Trek fantasy draft, it was not a surprise to see that Lt. Sulu — as portrayed by George Takei — was the Nerds’ choice to helm our virtual starship. It was mildly surprising that the contest was so close, with Takei’s Sulu squeaking out a one-vote victory in a nailbiter of a contest. What was very surprising was that the helmsman who came in second place was Lt. Tom Paris from Voyager. See, the line out of Vegas had Takei battling John Cho in a Sulu-on-Sulu deathmatch for Enterprise helmsman superiority. Preferably with fences.

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