ST:NOC Revealed – Day Three

Lieutenant Julian Bashir (Chief Medical Officer) and Lieutenant Commander Worf (Chief of Security)
Lieutenant Julian Bashir (Chief Medical Officer) and Lieutenant Commander Worf (Chief of Security)

It’s Day 3 of ST:NOC, and we’re revealing our surprise picks for Chief Medical Officer and Chief of Security — both men who are perhaps most noteworthy for having won the heart of a Dax! Read more and vote your favourites after the jump!

Chief Medical Officer: Lt. Julian Bashir
Runner-up: Three-way tie between Bones McCoy, Beverly Crusher, and the EMH

NOCs broke from the majority of Trekkies in voting overwhelmingly in favour of Julian Bashir, the genetically augmented doctor of Deep Space Nine, for Chief Medical Officer. He is described in the DS9 Bible as “naive”, “charming” and “cocky” all at the same time. His ret-conned genetic augmentation (which actor Alexander Siddig thoroughly opposed and did his best to sabotage) gives Bashir the ability to perform complex mathematical calculations in his head, and also enhances his physical athleticism. Interestingly, Bashir’s character was originally named Dr. Julian Amoros and was intended to be Hispanic, however Rick Berman was so enthused about casting actor Alexander Siddig (after Berman decided Siddig was too young to play Benjamin Sisko) that the character was re-written to match Alexander Siddig’s ethnicity and no other actors were auditioned for the part.

Chief of Security: Lt. Commander Worf
Runner-up: Odo

Worf was a runaway winner in this category, earning the clear majority of votes. Worf was an orphaned Klingon raised by human parents and was the first Klingon to serve in Starfleet. Worf serves as the Enterprise 1701-D’s security officer before transferring to Deep Space Nine where he served as first officer of the Defiant. Eventually, Worf is fittingly appointed Starfleet’s ambassador to the Klingon Empire. Worf is also the first single father to appear on Star Trek, parenting his son Alexander through many of the later TNG seasons. Worf has been an instant fan-favourite among Trekkies and is portrayed by actor Michael Dorn.

That’s your reveal for today! Tune in tomorrow when we have the NOCs surprising choices for First Officer and Counselor/Chef/Shoulder to Cry On!

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