Wednesday Comics: Special Greg Pak Edition

It’s a special all-Greg Pak edition of Wednesday Comics as two — count ’em TWO! — of Greg’s Superman titles are available at your local comic shop today. Both Batman/Superman #7 and Action Comics #27 hit stores and you can see a preview of B/S at Newsarama and read a review of Action #27 at the blog Too Dangerous for a Girl.

I’ve made no bones about my dislike of DC Comics’ New 52 titles — though that didn’t stop me from dressing up as New 52 Supes for Halloween. In spite of how I feel about the editorial direction of DC post 2011, I have to admit that Pak’s take on the Last Son of Krypton has swayed me over to the Dark Side (or is it Darkseid?) and gotten me to buy DC’s comics again (digitally, of course). I only wish DC had lured Greg over pre-DCnU just so that he could bring his unique insight to recognizable versions of my favorite superheroes. Though, the way he navigates the baggage of New 52 continuity is part of the thrill of reading Greg’s DC books in the first place.

Coz, I mean, New 52 Lana Lang is the best Lana Lang. (Sorry Kristin Kreuk.)

So hiring Greg Pak is the smartest thing DC Comics has done — at least in terms of getting me to buy their books again. And that’s all that matters, right?

In the meantime, check out this awesome Q&A Greg did with the folks over at 13thDimension. Here’s a taste:

And let me just say this: I love Superman, totally and unironically. I think the character’s forever relevant to our lives and his struggle to do the right thing in a complex world provides tremendous drama. I love the New 52 because it gives us a younger Superman who’s still figuring everything out. He’ll make mistakes — he’ll struggle mightily — he’ll learn things he never wanted to learn — but he’ll never, ever give up. I also think Superman’s an incredibly fun character whose stories lend themselves to great high adventure.

That’s probably the best justification for why the New 52 is necessary (and why I’m so mad at you, Greg!)

So what’cha waiting for? Go give some money to your favorite comic retailer to read these books. They’ll make you love Superman again. I promise.

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