Introducing the NPC Collective

In gaming culture, an NPC (non-player character) is often a bit player in the overall story — he or she is there for no reason except to get the main character to their goal. Their backstory is never told.

Much like an NPC, people of color who desire to create music or art or think differently than their counterparts are often discouraged and forced to keep those thoughts and ideas to themselves. And to play the background.

I had an idea a while back to create a collective of like-minded, forward thinking creatives who have been through a lot of the same things I had as a person of color who enjoyed nerdy things as a child an as an adult.

This kind of creativity is often teased and stifled by bullies, and even friends and family. I want to have a group of people that those kids can look at and say “hey, if THEY can do it, I can do it.” Be proud of who and what you are, and remember you’re not alone.

And so… The NPC (Nerdy People of Color) Collective was born. Rappers, educators, students, athletes, and even a WWE Superstar are amongst the ranks.

We’re still building, and still working out all the kinks, but you can get a better idea of what it’s about in this video!

Hop on over to for more information.

Random, aka Mega Ran, or Random Beats. Teacher, Rapper, Hero. If you put video games, the 80s, hip-hop, soul music, jazz, and stand-up comedy into a blender and hit “puree,” you’d have something close to The Mega Ran Experience.

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