LeVar Burton Promotes Free Comic Book Day

If you haven’t heard, this Saturday, May 3 — at comic shops and libraries across the country — is Free Comic Book Day, that annual celebration of the four-color floppy. As the name implies, it’s a day in which comic shops give away specially marked comics to readers of all ages.

Conceived by comic retailer Joe Field and coordinated by industry giant Diamond Comic Distributors, FCBD — as it is affectionately acronymed — has been around since 2002 and occurs every first Saturday in May. To generate some extra pub for this year’s event, the folks behind FCBD shot this extra cool testimonial on the importance of reading and the power of comics.

But you don’t have to take my word for it.

LeVar Burton is kind of the perfect face of Free Comic Book Day. I can’t think of another person who can appeal to children, readers, and fanboys alike. Plus, if LeVar Burton is asking you to support your local comic shop, then you better support your local comic shop! You wouldn’t want to disappoint him, after all.

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