The Two Brandons Talk Star Wars: Episode VII

Here at The Nerds of Color, we are big fans of the podcast The Two Brandons featuring comic professionals Brandon Thomas and our own Brandon Easton. Since it’s May the Fourth (aka Star Wars Day), we wanted to share with you all their latest episode, “New Hopes.” Be warned that the podcast contains strong language, so if you’re listening at work — or you have young impressionable ears around — make sure you put your headphones on.

In this episode, The Two Brandons return with their impressions on the long-awaited casting announcement for Star Wars: Episode VII and their thoughts on claims of gender disparity within the franchise.

Time is also spent discussing the recent Eisner-nomination for Easton’s work on Watson & Holmes #6, and the impending return of Miranda Mercury (with co-creator Lee Ferguson).

You can also download the podcast here. Or go here for an archive of past episodes.