Barbarians at the (Gamer)Gate

The latest Hard NOC Life dives headfirst into the internet controversy that is #GamerGate. Joining guest host N’Jaila Rhee (@BlasianBytch) are Jeopardy! champion Arthur Chu (@arthur_affect), from This Week in Blackness Aaron Rand Freeman  (@ANSFreeman), #StopGamerGate2014 creator Veerender Jubbal (@Veeren_Jubbal), and Tanya (@INeedDivGms), creator of the #INeedDiverseGames hashtag.

Topics covered on the show include:

  • What it means to identify as a “gamer”
  • How have these controversies tarnished the image of gaming culture
  • The origins of “GamerGate” and the type of harassment certain gamers have experienced
  • The fallacy of “objective” games journalism
  • Why pointing out racism or sexism in video games (or any media) is just common sense
  • The off-shoot of GamerGate, #NotYourShield and the role of people of color in the controversy
  • The origins of the hashtags #StopGamerGate2014 and #INeedDiverseGames

All this and more on Hard NOC Life! Watch it on your screen, hit “play,” and check this.

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