NOC Recaps Arrow: Choose Your Path Oliver

After a brief hiatus from our T.V. screens — and a teaser about how the rest of the season may play out — we find Ollie at the hands of Ra’s, perhaps ready to taste metal again until Ra’s, in all evil dude monologues, explains to him that he is not going to kill him. He divulges the secret that there have been other Ra’s Al Ghuls — and as he explain his eternal life source, aka the Lazarus pits, he makes an offer that Ollie will need to consider.

The legend says that whomever survives the blade of Ra’s is destined to become the new Ra’s Al Ghul. Ollie at the beginning declines the offer, but Ra’s knows more then anyone that Ollie is so hard on himself that he plays to those emotions and toys with Ollie’s identity, or lack there of. He tells him that the league will do what he wants, if his rule is no killing then they would honor that wish. Ollie is not amused but when Ra’s starts foretelling what will happen in Starling City, you can see the doubt in Ollie’s eyes. But before Ollie leaves, Ra’s sweetens the deal by letting Ollie take Diggle and Merlyn home, as a parting gift. Unharmed. What? Yeaaaaa, unharmed which can only mean one thing. Ra’s is planning something.

Upon their return to Starling City, shit things start happening. Thea has told Nyssa that she killed Sara and gives her the opportunity to take her vengeance. For someone so bent on revenge, Nyssa does not and says that the blood that needs to be shed is Merlyn’s. Go figure, right?

Raylicity is in full swing. Laurel told her father the truth about Sara and then when #TeamArrow busts up a heist (Laurel needs some major training) Captain Lance lets Ollie have it. You can say his trust is broken and they’ve lost an ally.

After having a gut wrenching vent session with Diggle in which Ollie questions himself and considers Ra’s Al Ghul’s offer, Diggle knocks some sense into him and tells Ollie that Ra’s is up to something and that he doesn’t have a heart. We gotta say we need more #DiggleWisdom in the series.

It is in the midst of all of this that Ollie goes and visits Felicity at work and walks in on an intimate #Raylicity moment. The reaction of Felicity and the expression on Ollie’s face still tells us that #Olicity still has some hope.

Raylicity has its moments, like when the nerds get all into their techie talk. It’s cute but Olicity is where it’s at, especially when Felicity drops this gem in the Arrow Cave.

Lost in all the craziness, Ollie had let Nyssa free. Her confusion as to why Merlyn wasn’t dead drove her to confront her father and the family drama intensifies.

Nyssa, cannot believe that her father gave up her legacy. But Ra’s is like, “He survived my sword.” So Nyssa storms out and heads back to Starling.

Back in Starling City, Team Arrow tries to contact Captain Lance to warn the police that there will be an attack on the precinct. But Captain Lance is still angry and does not pick up the damn telefono, for being terco, as Laurel walks in trying to talk things out regarding Sara. The bad guys start shooting up the place and Nyssa makes an appearance and saves Laurel.

Team Arrow swoops into action, kicks ass, delivers the bad guys, and Ollie finds his purpose again… thanks to Felicity. (EEK!)

  • Now, there are some interesting things developing, like Nyssa and Laurel. Towards the end it seems that Nyssa wants to train Laurel, perhaps since both are closer because of Sara. It will be interesting to see if this develops, but what would that mean for Ted Grant, aka Wildcat?

  • It seems Thea and Roy are back together, or is this another ploy by Thea? We will have to wait on that.
  • Finally, we see what Ra’s plans are regarding making sure Ollie becomes his heir. Framing him. Killing the only image he has, The Arrow.
  • Will Nyssa kill Oliver in order to save her legacy, or will she join forces in order to take down her father? I am leaning more on the “lets eliminate Ra’s” idea, but this season has had so many twists it is hard to tell. Guess all we can do is keep watching.

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  1. I love Nyssa, but I do not trust…. Especially when her grief for Sara clouds her judgement.

    I want her to initially plan to infiltrate Team Arrow and try to take Oliver out, but maybe she’ll have a change of heart and decide she likes what Tram Arrow stands for? Or maybe her relationship with Laurel will change things?


    I have no idea what’s going to happen.

  2. I swear these characters could fit into a 3D fighting game, like Dead or Alive or Tekken. (Not Mortal Kombat)

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