Superhero Romances, Princesses, and Ponies with Jeremy Whitley

Prolific comic writer Jeremy Whitley (@jrome58) steps into the Hard NOC Life this week to talk about his latest books, including his short story in Marvel Comics’ romance anthology Secret Wars: Secret Love and issue #2 of Princeless: The Pirate Princess from Action Lab Entertainment, both in stores next week.

Topics covered on the show include:

      • The history of the romance genre in the comics medium and why it’s a good thing to return to it now
      • How Jeremy’s passion for the characters of Danny Rand and Misty Knight brought him to write his first Marvel story that reflects his own interracial marriage
      • Jeremy’s opinion — as a longtime Iron Fist fan — on Keith’s call to cast an Asian American in the upcoming Netflix series
      • The importance of centering his Princeless stories around young, empowered girls of color
      • Jeremy also weighs in on the idea of writers writing outside their own experience and the comic industry’s need to hire more people of color
      • Why writing My Little Pony comics is so rewarding and ways the show and comics deal with gender and race

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