‘Teen Titans GO! To the Movies’ is Fun for Kids and Their Grown-ups

As a geek parent, I, for the most part, have been unsuccessful in passing on my enthusiasms to my teen and tween daughters. Sure, my eldest is now a confirmed Potterhead, but only years after her mother and I bequeathed her our books, which she refused to read because they were ours. She discovered and fell in love with Stranger Things on her own, too, which I guess is what works with her — if we’d told her to watch it, maybe she wouldn’t have listened. Her younger sister is a bit more open to my suggestions, and loves anything with magic and the fantastic, and she happily displays my gifts of Pop! figures of strong female characters on her shelf. However, she scares very, very easily, so attempts to watch Star Wars movies, for example, are interrupted by frequents runs out of the room or outright refusals, no matter how much likes likes the characters.

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Superhero Romances, Princesses, and Ponies with Jeremy Whitley

Prolific comic writer Jeremy Whitley (@jrome58) steps into the Hard NOC Life this week to talk about his latest books, including his short story in Marvel Comics’ romance anthology Secret Wars: Secret Love and issue #2 of Princeless: The Pirate Princess from Action Lab Entertainment, both in stores next week.

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Have a Pinkie New Year Every Pony

Last week, I talked about how much our household enjoys watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Since 2014 is the Year of the Horse, I figured that it only made sense for Hasbro (or The Hub, for that matter) to cash in on the festivities by licensing the Mane Six on some little red envelopes or lanterns or something. Continue reading “Have a Pinkie New Year Every Pony”

At the Nerds of Color, Friendship Really is Magic

The other day, the original Nerd of Color, Bao Phi, came by NOC HQ with a very big problem. His four-year-old daughter really needed a comic book, and apparently, it was the Nerds’ fault! Turns out, Uncle Rodrigo gave her a special mini-comic of IDW’s My Little Pony as a gift which quickly became a valuable artifact in the Phi house. Here, I’ll let Bao explain:

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