NOC Recaps Arrow: Brothers Gonna Work It Out

We’re not going to do this recap like past ones. Mainly because the last episode of Arrow, “Brotherhood,” aired two weeks ago. Also, because I’m not Connie, whose recap game is much stronger than mine, there probably won’t be any Hamilton references either. Instead, we’re just going to touch on the main points as we prep for the second half of the Flarrow crossover tonight.

I have to admit the memory’s a little fuzzy on some of the plot points. I know the ep cold opens on (another) late night truck hijacking. Instead of robbing the truck, H.I.V.E. — in a move straight out of Joker’s Dark Knight playbook — sets the money on fire.

Meanwhile, Team Arrow decides the best way to identify the DNA in Ghost tooth they found a few eps back is to infiltrate a H.I.V.E.-held lab and steal some tech. On the mission, one of the Ghosts gets a jump on Diggle, and it turns out the Ghost is his not-dead brother Andy. This would have been a more shocking surprise if they hadn’t spoiled the reveal in the preview.

This is the crux of the episode: Diggle’s inability to process the fact that his brother is still alive. The irony is that he isn’t the first person on the team to experience the resurrection of a sibling. Both Thea and Laurel have dealt with the realities of readjusting to the return of someone who was supposed to be dead. In fact, there’s a great scene between Laurel and Dig at a party about that very point.

Diggle and the rest of the team disagree on how to handle the news of Andy’s return. John wants to let him go and continue believing the brother he knew is “dead.” Ollie wants to go all in and rescue Andy from H.I.V.E. — since we learn that the Ghosts aren’t necessarily soldiers of their own volition.

Dig and Ollie also clash over other things throughout, including Ollie’s (dumb) plan to get into bed with Dahrk to take down H.I.V.E. from the inside. You see, earlier at the fundraiser, Dahrk approached Ollie and offered to form an alliance. Ollie thought this could be an opportunity to take down H.I.V.E. Ollie is wrong. Diggle even tells Ollie that the idea sounds as stupid as it did when he tried to do it with Ra’s last year. And he’s right.

In a gorgeously shot sequence (shout out to fight choreographer-turned-director James Bamford!) Team Arrow — and even the Atom — descend upon H.I.V.E.’s secret, uh, hive and superhero through corridors and hallways and elevators. It’s pretty thrilling.

Dig even shows up and delivers the best line of the night:

In the commotion, Dahrk tries to do his soul sucking thing on Thea, but it doesn’t work. Probably because she’s bathed in the Pit, and Dahrk’s “magic” is likely related to said Lazarus waters.

They eventually succeed in pulling Andy out of H.I.V.E. and lock him in a cell in the ArrowCave, but he still remains under Dahrk’s control. He even confirms John’s greatest fear: that he was never a good man and was a criminal mastermind all along. I still call B.S. on this development and think Dahrk is faking that business about Andy Diggle being a secret drug/arms dealer or whatever.

At the end of the episode, Ollie has decided to listen to Diggle (for once) and announces at a press conference that he’s going to go against the “Dahrk” forces that engulf Star City.

Also, there were flashbacks, but who cares?