Night of the Waking Astronomer

Being stuck in Nashville — proud home of country music, the Confederacy, and the Klan — I don’t go out often. To be more accurate I really don’t go out ever. For me to emerge from my Batcave of Solitude, there had better be a good reason. A very good reason.

This past Friday there most certainly was a reason for me to venture out into the wasteland known as the Music City. Comic book artist, rock musician, Jane-of-all-trades, Renaissance Woman, fellow Atlanta native, and the epitome of Black Girl Magic, Afua Richardson, announced on social media that her band, Waking Astronomer would be in town performing at the Exit In.

She already had me at “Afua Richardson would be in town.”

Needless to say, this was pretty much me when I read the news.


Waking Astronomer did not disappoint. I surmised their set would be good but I wasn’t ready for just how phenomenal they truly are.


From their costumes, persona, and commanding stage presence, this trio takes you on a journey, musically and visually. As is the standard in Wonderland, follow the white rabbit who makes a cameo during the performance.



Waking Astronomer’s sound can best be described as an experimental fusion of alternative rock, psychedelic funk, and a little electronica thrown in.

That night the Music City got rocked by Atlanta’s best.

After the performance, I got an opportunity to meet and chat with Afua (who celebrates a birthday this week) and squee in proper fanboy fashion.

To Brett Leggitt, Alexa Lima, and Afua, thank you so much for a wonderful Friday night, and count me among your fans. I look forward to seeing you guys again in the not too distant future.

Rock on Waking Astronomer!!!!!



Who is that handsome devil?




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