Venturing Into the Badlands

One of my favorite television series in the last year is Into the Badlands. The noirish dystopian Wuxia drama is the perfect blend of action, mystery and mysticism that keeps my eyes glued to the flatscreen.

As is the case with all things PoC excellence, Into the Badlands has caught its share of hate from racist white fandom. I’m not talking about legit criticisms but nitpicking and feeble excuses that are never made for legions of lesser white shows.

Needless to say I’m not having it.

When the shade is thrown, I’m honor bound to make the haters day a “Sunny” one.


Example The First:

Racist White Fanboy: Into the Badlands is like a Martial Arts version of Game of Thrones.

Denny: Your Daddy is a Martial Arts version of Game of Thrones!!! Insult the excellence of Into the Badlands again by comparing it to Rape of Thrones and you’re going to get clipped. DON’T MAKE ME COME THROUGH THIS IPAD!!!!


Example The Second:

Another Racist White Fanboy: I don’t know if I can watch Into the Badlands. It has slavery in it.

Denny: Really?

Really White Boy? Really?


You gonna say that to me with a straight face.






But hey. Haters gonna hate. I’m not even mad. Especially with a new season coming next year. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a Christmas letter to finish up.

Dear Santa,

I know it’s not December yet but I’m writing you early so you can get a jump-start on my order.

I’ve been enjoying this awesome new show called‪ Into the Badlands. I’m sure you and Mrs. Claus are fans too. For Christmas I want Daniel Wu’s coat, Daniel Wu’s swords, Daniel Wu’s motorcycle. 

While you’re at it, just go ahead and throw in Daniel Wu as well.

Your favorite elf,



8 thoughts on “Venturing Into the Badlands

  1. Dennis I’ve never commented on a post from you before but I felt that I had to now.

  2. Come on Game of Throne is not that bad sure the writers have butchered several instances of perfect great characters from the books behaving like zombies…

    But I enjoy the mythology my favorite aspect we could still fall back into old barbarism if civilization were ever to collapse, there’s several fiefdoms into the badlands no central government to speak off.

  3. As a fan of the Martial Arts and as someone who, as a kid, idolized Bruce Lee, I eagerly awaited Into the Badlands. I am glad to see Daniel Wu in the role of Sunny, but to me, he is not the most interesting and compelling character on the show.

    I like The Widow and Sunny doctor-lover, Vale/Veil and the Baron’s exiled first wife far better. Daniel Wu is cool but he lacks on screen charisma and frankly I can’t get with some of the not so noble things Sunny has done as the baron’s automaton. Doesn’t he [ARGUABLY] have a mind of his own? (My barometer: WHAT WOULD BRUCE LEE DO?)

    The martial arts are a little too CGI/Crouching Tiger for me but the show is richly produced an I do want to see it come back because I want to see the show give Sunny a chance to redeem himself.

    Brava for the ladies on Into the Badlands! They really make the show.

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