The NOC Live at Pandora Radio

Last week, a contingency of Nerds of Color were invited to speak at Pandora Radio as part of the company’s Mixtape Rap Sessions. Representing the NOC were Julie Kang, Shawn Taylor, and Valerie Complex, as well as Salim French, host of the podcast Blacker Than Black TImes Infinity. This was a reunion of sorts of the NOC panel that was a highlight of last month’s inaugural Silicon Valley Comic Con.

All this and more on Hard NOC Life! Watch it on your screen, hit “play,” and check this.

Special thanks to Jerome Atendido and Henry Lu of Pandora for inviting us and providing a platform to speak.

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6 thoughts on “The NOC Live at Pandora Radio

  1. sister went in and told the TRUTH! “no one goes to see movies for chris hemsworth” yes! get him! so many “bankable” actors have flops outside of a franchise and people ignore the flops and say “jennifer lawrence is a great actress. look at hunger games” exactly thats all she’s got, forget joy and serena and all her other flops. ugh

  2. you cant put gods of egypt in the same space as cleopatra. at least it was a diverse cast: black, asian, white together. yes would have been nice if they were all brown/black but nothing wrong with the x-men/power ranger model: all colors working together, not just one

  3. some great books they listed. but goldie vance is nancy drew all the way and she is GREAT. rat queens is always awesome and so is lumberjanes!

  4. look at ken watanabe in real life. in that awful movie “inception”. the ancient one does NOT have to look how he looked in 1962 when its 2016. i mean they changed his look anyway by getting a white woman so… the fact you cant see a way to update a “racist” character whichout changing the race is sad. the man has got to you!
    and as racist as you think fu manchu’s are, they are historically accurate. its not something white people created, history books, chinese art. its out there for you to research. heck i dated a guy with a fu manchu mustache. they are still used in chinese period films. lets keep it real. you dont like the look for whatever reason thats on you i think its beautiful but hey i love old shit

  5. what are you talking about? the dothraki has always had a culture and traditions. did you just ignore them cause they werent speaking english? #soamerican

  6. correction, whitewashed american live adaptations of anime all suck. the japanese and korean ones work great

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