The Lost Boys of Hook, 25 Years Later

Ready to feel old?

This December, Steven Spielberg’s Hook — the film that imagined what happened to Peter Pan (the late Robin Williams) after he grew up — will be celebrating its 25th anniversary. Recently, Entertainment Tonight reunited the movie’s Lost Boys — who were all child actors at the time — to get back into their Neverland costumes one more time. Fortunately for us, our pal Dante Basco, Rufio himself(!), brought a camera with him and shot some behind the scenes video of the photo shoot!

“Here’s a peak at how the Lost Boys reunion looked from my point of view,” Dante said recently.

“I had so much fun reconnecting and seeing how everyone felt about our shared experience,” he told me. “It was like going back to high school for a day!”


4 thoughts on “The Lost Boys of Hook, 25 Years Later

  1. Damn…I got teary eyed especially after I read Dante’s poem to Robin Williams after he died. Cannot believe it’s been 25 years first time I saw it I was barely 5 years ago roughly 20 years ago.

  2. Hook was my sick-day movie as a kid (that and Willy Wonka). All these years I haven’t thought twice about the diversity of the film, and only after reading this article and watching Dante’s vlog do I realize how very important it is that the lost boys represented so many demographics. There is no reason today’s movies vying for “classic” status can’t embrace the same mentality.

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