Sitting in the Captain’s Chair for Star Trek Beyond Now on Blu-Ray

People tell me physical media is a dying format and that everyone gets their movies digitally now. Well, I’m old and set in my ways. One of those ways is buying my favorite movies on blu-ray. Last time there was a new Star Trek movie available on disc, Paramount spread the movie’s bonus features over several different retail outlets, and I was not happy about it. This time, while there are still retail exclusives for Star Trek Beyond, you don’t have to buy five different versions of the same movie to get all of the featurettes in one place.

This week, Star Trek Beyond was released on blu-ray, and while you can get the movie at any retailer you’d like, I’d recommend getting the Target exclusive. Not only do you get a bonus disc with 90 minutes of additional extras, the special packaging comes with a clear slipcover that allows you to swap out different sets of art cards so you can feature your favorite Enterprise crew member on the cover [We chose John Cho, of course].

Speaking of the cover, when we were at New York Comic-Con last month, the fine folks at Paramount Home Video allowed my brother and me to sit in Kirk’s Captain’s Chair and take our place on our own Star Trek Beyond cover.