Introducing Southern Fried Asian

Southern Fried Asian is a new podcast from The Nerds of Color hosted by Keith Chow.

Typically, stories about Asian Americans are centered on the experiences of those who grew up on the coasts — New York, Southern California, the Bay Area — where communities of different Asian American subgroups have lived for many years.

On this podcast, though, we’re gonna look at a region of the country that isn’t typically associated with these stories and unpack what it means to be Asian American in the American South.

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Our official theme music is the song “Top Down” by  ChopsTimothy Flu, and Mic Barz.

2 thoughts on “Introducing Southern Fried Asian

  1. Cool; passing this onto my daughter, 13; who has lived in small Southern towns (one, a two-stoplight bump called Dunlap in Tennessee, and a little island of blue called Athens in the Red State sea of Georgia) which only barely prepared her for our move to Japan.

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