Southern Fried Asian: Jezzika Chung

This week on Southern Fried Asian, Keith talks to writer, creator, diversity advocate — and Ms. ADCOLOR at the recently held 2017 ADCOLOR AwardsJezzika Chung.

Keith and Jezz talk about spending her formative years in the ATL (4:00) and the role religion played growing up in a conservative Christian Korean household (17:00). Later, she discusses how moving to Texas helped her find a broader Asian community (22:30), what sparked her passion for diversity in college (27:00), and how that passion has translated into her advertising career (27:00). Then, Jezz explains why so many Asian immigrants from her community — including her mother — supported Donald Trump for President (39:00). Finally, Jezzika reminisces about her favorite comfort food and why it might not be gross to dip sausage and cheese biscuits into a bowl of kimchi-jjigae (46:00).

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