Southern Fried Asian: Tony Kim

On a special New York Comic-Con edition of Southern Fried Asian, Keith talks to Crazy4ComicCon founder and Hero Within CEO, Tony Kim.

Ton and Keith talk about growing up in Dallas as an Asian American geek (2:00), why Superman shares many characteristics with other Southern Fried Asians (7:45), and how comics can help people forge their own communities (10:30). Tony then discusses the origins of his Crazy4ComicCon persona (22:00) and creating his apparel company Hero Within (35:00) and his dedication to improving the lives of children in foster care (43:00). Later, they discuss which barbecue is best between Texas, Memphis, and Korean (52:00) and their plans for New York Comic-Con (55:00). Be sure to visit the Hero Within Booth #2569.

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