‘Isle of Dogs’ and the Need for Film Critics of Color

LA Times film reporter Jen Yamato is the special guest on Hard NOC Life as we break down the reaction to Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs.

Ever since Anderson’s latest animated feature was released in select theaters, the conversation around the film has revealed a split in the way white film critics and Asian American film critics perceive the movie. Yamato has received a fair amount of blow back on social media from Anderson’s rabid following which places Isle of Dogs in the middle of the ongoing “war” between critics and fans.

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One thought on “‘Isle of Dogs’ and the Need for Film Critics of Color

  1. dont know who wes anderson is so im not watching this film not because of him but because i dont care about dogs. now if this was isle of cats, unicorns i would be all over it. if it was a japanese live action film by miike with people i would watch but yeah not for me. i still got blade of the immortal and gintama to watch lol

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