Southern Fried Asian: Greg Pak

At WICOMICON in Baltimore, comic book writer Greg Pak joins an all new live recorded episode of Southern Fried Asian.

Greg joins Keith live on stage to talk about how growing up in Dallas, Texas ultimately influenced his work (3:00) and his love of genres (5:00). He also explains the importance of “diversity within diversity” (9:30), feeling “rep sweats” as a creator of color creating Asian American characters (15:00), and what his obsession with Dungeons & Dragons as a child revealed about his own identity (18:00). Later, Greg explains how he engages politically online (26:30) and his love for Tex Mex and Korean food (33:00) before they both take questions from the live audience (35:00).

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Southern Fried Asian is produced by Keith Chow and Jes Vu. Episode recorded live by Alexia Prichard.